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KWStyle - Style checker for source code

KWSTYLE(1) General Commands Manual KWSTYLE(1)


KWStyle - Style checker for source code




This manual page documents briefly the KWStyle command.
You can find information on the KWStyle web page at


Specify a directory.
Associated with -d: recurse through directories.
Display errors.
Display less information.
Display less HTML.
Generate errors as VIM format.
Generate errors as MSVC format.
Generate errors as GCC format.
-html [filename]
Generate the HTML report.
Using KWStyle as a cvs precommit script.
Export the HTML report online.
-xml [filename]
Read a XML configure file.
-exportxml [filename]
Write output the report as a simple XML.
-o [filename]
Overwrite rules file.
Specify a file listing all the directories.
-B [filename]
Specify the base directory of the file.
-b [filename]
Specify a black list of words.
-dart <filename> [maxerror] [group]
Write out files to be send to the dart server. With: maxerror (Default = -1) With: group (Default = 0)
-kwsurl <url>
Specify the base url of the KWStyle HTML report.
Write out a fixed version of the parsed file.
input filename


List of KWStyle features at


Julien Jomier
This manual page was written by Mathieu Malaterre <> and Benjamin Eikel <> for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).
2016-02-06 Debian Sid