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Mailsound - Play sounds when mail arrives

MAILSOUND(1) General Commands Manual MAILSOUND(1)


Mailsound - Play sounds when mail arrives


Mailsound [options]


Mailsound is an rplay utility used to play sounds when mail arrives. Different sounds can be played depending on the contents of mail message headers. Mailsound configuration is stored in the file ~/.Mailsounds. Each line in this file contains a perl5 regular expression followed by rplay attributes. See the EXAMPLE section below.
Mailsound needs to be invoked upon mail arrival. This can be done in many ways, but most users will probably use either a .forward or .procmailrc file. With a .forward file, use something like:
\yourusername, |"/usr/local/bin/Mailsound -h soundhostname"
For .procmailrc use:
:0 ic | /usr/local/bin/Mailsound -h doctor:doit


--host=hostname[:hostname ...]
Play sounds on the specified host(s).
Specify an alternate configuration file.
Default volume for all sounds.
Default priority for all sounds.


 ## Mailing lists
 ^(To|Cc):.*ding.*      volume=50
^From root@?.* priority=255 ^From news@?.*
## Everything else... .*


9/19/98 Debian Sid