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PCSX2 - PlayStation(R)2 console emulator

pcsx2(1) General Commands Manual pcsx2(1)


PCSX2 - PlayStation(R)2 console emulator


PCSX2 is an emulator for the PlayStation(R)2 video game console. It is written mostly in C++, some part are in C and x86 assembly. There is still lot of on going work to improve compatibility & speed.
Visit & for the latest updates.


Note: all options can also be updated in the GUI.


Optional ISO image to load and run on startup. It uses the PCSX2 internal ISO loader.
Specify a custom configuration file to use instead of PCSX2.ini. It does not affect plugins.
Specifies the config folder. It applies to pcsx2 + plugins.
forces running of the First-time Wizard.


Executes an ELF image.
Disables display of the gui on exit (program auto-exits).
Boots with an empty DVD tray. Use this to boot into the PS2 system menu.
Uses the configured CDVD plugin instead of IsoFile.


Disables all speedhacks.
Enable specific gamefixes for this session. Valid fixes in 0.9.7 are: VuAddSub, VuClipFlag, FpuCompare, FpuNegDiv, XGKick, IpuWait, EETiming, SkipMpeg.
Disables the quick boot feature, forcing you to sit through the PS2 startup splash screens.


Override for the CDVD plugin.
Override for the GS plugin.
Override for the SPU2 plugin.
Override for the PAD plugin.
Override for the DEV9 plugin.
Override for the USB plugin only.


$XDG_HOME_DIR/pcsx2 or $HOME/.config/pcsx2 All pcsx2 configurations and user datas.


You can report bugs by submitting an issue at the pcsx2 GitHub issue tracker, located at


Please refer to the "About" section of the gui interface or the documentation.
PCSX2 google project:
PCSX2 web site:
PCSX2 forum
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