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ACR(1) General Commands Manual ACR(1)


acrautoconf replacement


acr [-dDehmnprvwx] [-o file] [file | args]


ACR tries to replace the autoconf functionality generating a full compatible "configure" script. The main difference is that ACR uses shell script instead of m4, and final generated script looks smaller, faster, easy to read and maintain.
There's a new concept that consists on adding simple rules. And trying to skip all programming and non-portable stuff. That breaks standarization of software packages.
-d --debug
Runs ACR in debug mode. This will show a branch tree for all command calls, allowing the developer to see if the target script is parsed properly.
-D --dist
Scans current project directory, resets to the initial state and creates a distname tarball 'pkgname-version.tar.gz'.
-e --embed
Embeds configure.acr into the final configure script.
-h --help
Show the usage message to the console.
-m --makefile
Creates a sample "Makefile.acr" using configure.acr file.
-n --do-nothing
Do not create the final configure script.
-o --output [file]
Generate the configure script into a different filename.
-p --progress-bar
Show progress bar.
Recovery mode. See acr-cat(1) for more information.
Strip default code generation, this is flag parsing and system checks.
-v ---version
Show version information.
-w ---word -[number]
Cats the 'configure.acr' file and colorizes the desired word number.
-x --exec
Generates and executes the configure.acr directly without creating the "configure" file. You can also pass the cmdline flags like --prefix, etc.


amr(1) acr-cat(1) configure.acr(5) configure.amr(5)


pancake <>
November 13, 2013 Debian Sid