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adsf - a dead simple fileserver

ADSF(1) User Commands ADSF(1)


adsf - a dead simple fileserver


adsf [ options]


adsf (A Dead Simple Fileserver) is a tiny web server that can be spawned in any directory to serve static files. It can be used programmatically in Rack and other Ruby applications.

Specific options:

-H, --handler [handler]
Specify the handler to use
-h, --help
Display help
-i [index-filenames],
Specify index filenames (comma-separated)
-p, --port [port]
Specify the port number to use
-r, --root [root]
Specify the web root to use
-l, --local-only
Only listen to requests from localhost (short for "-a localhost")
-a, --listen-address [host]
Specify the address to listen to
June 2016 adsf 1.2.1+dfsg1