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api_hour - command line runner for launching API-Hour with container

API_HOUR(1) User Commands API_HOUR(1)


api_hour - command line runner for launching API-Hour with container


usage: api_hour [OPTIONS] [APP_MODULE]

optional arguments:

-h, --help
show this help message and exit
-v, --version
show program's version number and exit
--ciphers CIPHERS
Ciphers to use (see stdlib ssl module's) [TLSv1]
Check the configuration. [False]
--log-level LEVEL
The granularity of Error log outputs. [info]
--limit-request-fields INT
Limit the number of HTTP headers fields in a request. [100]
--proxy-allow-from PROXY_ALLOW_IPS
Front-end's IPs from which allowed accept proxy requests (comma separate). []
--access-logformat STRING
The access log format. [%(h)s %(l)s %(u)s %(t)s "%(r)s" %(s)s %(b)s "%(f)s" "%(a)s"]
--ssl-version SSL_VERSION
SSL version to use (see stdlib ssl module's) [_SSLMethod.PROTOCOL_TLSv1]
--chdir CHDIR
Chdir to specified directory before apps loading. [/tmp/build/api-hour-0.8.1]
--log-syslog-facility SYSLOG_FACILITY
Syslog facility name [user]
--limit-request-field_size INT
Limit the allowed size of an HTTP request header field. [8190]
--threads INT
The number of worker threads for handling requests. [1]
--statsd-host STATSD_ADDR
``host:port`` of the statsd server to log to. [None]
Load application code before the worker processes are forked. [False]
-g GROUP, --group GROUP
Switch worker process to run as this group. [1000]
-R, --enable-stdio-inheritance
Enable stdio inheritance. [False]
--worker-connections INT
The maximum number of simultaneous clients. [1000]
--certfile FILE
SSL certificate file [None]
-D, --daemon
Daemonize the Gunicorn process. [False]
--limit-request-line INT
The maximum size of HTTP request line in bytes. [4094]
--log-syslog-to SYSLOG_ADDR
Address to send syslog messages. [udp://localhost:514]
The socket to bind. [['']]
--worker-tmp-dir DIR
A directory to use for the worker heartbeat temporary file. [None]
--log-config FILE
The log config file to use. [None]
-u USER, --user USER
Switch worker processes to run as this user. [1000]
--backlog INT
The maximum number of pending connections. [2048]
--pythonpath STRING
A comma-separated list of directories to add to the Python path. [None]
-n STRING, --name STRING
A base to use with setproctitle for process naming. [None]
Suppress ragged EOFs (see stdlib ssl module's) [True]
Restart workers when code changes. [False]
--access-logfile FILE
The Access log file to write to. [None]
--settings STRING
The Python path to a Django settings module. (deprecated) [None]
--forwarded-allow-ips STRING
Front-end's IPs from which allowed to handle set secure headers. []
--error-logfile FILE, --log-file FILE
The Error log file to write to. [-]
--log-syslog-prefix SYSLOG_PREFIX
Makes Gunicorn use the parameter as program-name in the syslog entries. [None]
Redirect stdout/stderr to Error log. [False]
--statsd-prefix STATSD_PREFIX
Prefix to use when emitting statsd metrics (a trailing ``.`` is added, []
-w INT, --workers INT
The number of worker processes for handling requests. [1]
-e ENV, --env ENV
Set environment variable (key=value). [[]]
--graceful-timeout INT
Timeout for graceful workers restart. [30]
--keyfile FILE
SSL key file [None]
Disables the use of ``sendfile()``. [None]
-m INT, --umask INT
A bit mask for the file mode on files written by Gunicorn. [0]
Whether to perform SSL handshake on socket connect (see stdlib ssl module's) [False]
Install a trace function that spews every line executed by the server. [False]
Enable detect PROXY protocol (PROXY mode). [False]
--config_dir CONFIG_DIR
Config directory of your API-Hour Daemon. Example: /etc/hello/ [None]
-ac, --auto_config
Enable auto-configuration discover based on daemon name [False]
--max-requests-jitter INT
The maximum jitter to add to the *max_requests* setting. [0]
-t INT, --timeout INT
Workers silent for more than this many seconds are killed and restarted. [30]
-c CONFIG, --config CONFIG
The Gunicorn config file. [None]
--paste STRING, --paster STRING
Load a PasteDeploy config file. The argument may contain a ``#`` [None]
--cert-reqs CERT_REQS
Whether client certificate is required (see stdlib ssl module's) [0]
--logger-class STRING
The logger you want to use to log events in Gunicorn. [gunicorn.glogging.Logger]
Send *Gunicorn* logs to syslog. [False]
-k STRING, --worker-class STRING
The type of workers to use. [sync]
--keep-alive INT
The number of seconds to wait for requests on a KeepAlive connection. [2]
-p FILE, --pid FILE
A filename to use for the PID file. [None]
--ca-certs FILE
CA certificates file [None]
--max-requests INT
The maximum number of requests a worker will process before restarting. [0]


The full documentation for api_hour is available on
July 2016 api_hour (version 19.6.0)