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autodep8 - DEP-8 test control file generator

autodep8(1) autodep8(1)


autodep8 - DEP-8 test control file generator


autodep8 will detect well-known types of packages and generate DEP-8-compliant test control files for them. It can be used by DEP-8 implementations to support implicit test control files.


    $ autodep8                 # assumes source package in current dir
    $ autodep8 /path/to/srcpkg # path to source package
If a known package type is detected, autodep8 exits with 0 and prints the suggested contents of debian/tests/control to the standard output.
If a known package type is NOT detected, autodep8 exits with 1 and produces not output.


If `debian/tests/control.autodep8` exists, autodep8 will prepend the contents of that file to its own output. In that case, autodep8 will exit with a status of 0 even if no known package type is detected.


dkms (kpatch)

    Test-Command: /usr/lib/dkms/dkms-autopkgtest
    Restrictions: needs-root, allow-stderr
    Depends: @, dkms

elpa (flycheck)

    Test-Command: dh_elpa_test --autopkgtest
    Depends: @, @builddeps@
    Restrictions: rw-build-tree

go (prometheus)

    Test-Command: /usr/bin/dh_golang_autopkgtest
    Depends: @, @builddeps@, dh-golang
    Restrictions: allow-stderr

nodejs (node-tar)

    Test-Command: cd $ADTTMP && nodejs -e "require('"'"'tar'"'"');"
    Depends: @

octave (octave-signal)

    Test-Command: /usr/share/octave-pkg-dev/check-pkg
    Depends: @, octave-autopkgtest
    Restrictions: allow-stderr

perl (libtest-most-perl)

    Test-Command: /usr/share/pkg-perl-autopkgtest/runner build-deps
    Depends: @, @builddeps@, pkg-perl-autopkgtest
    Test-Command: /usr/share/pkg-perl-autopkgtest/runner runtime-deps
    Depends: @, pkg-perl-autopkgtest
    Test-Command: /usr/share/pkg-perl-autopkgtest/runner runtime-deps-and-recommends
    Depends: @, pkg-perl-autopkgtest
    Restrictions: needs-recommends

python (python-flaky)

    Test-Command: set -e ; for py in $(pyversions -r 2>/dev/null) ; do cd "$ADTTMP" ; echo "Testing with $py:" ; $py -c "import flaky; print flaky" ; done
    Depends: python-all, python-flaky
    Test-Command: set -e ; for py in $(py3versions -r 2>/dev/null) ; do cd "$ADTTMP" ; echo "Testing with $py:" ; $py -c "import flaky; print(flaky)" ; done
    Depends: python3-all, python3-flaky
    Test-Command: cd "$ADTTMP" ; pypy -c "import flaky; print flaky"
    Depends: pypy-flaky

r (r-cran-evaluate)

    Test-Command: R -e "library('evaluate')"
    Depends: @
    Restrictions: allow-stderr

ruby (ruby-sqlite3)

    Test-Command: gem2deb-test-runner --autopkgtest --check-dependencies 2>&1
    Depends: @, libsqlite3-dev,rake,ruby-hoe,ruby-minitest,ruby-redcloth, gem2deb-test-runner
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