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basexserver - XML database system and XPath/XQuery processor (server

basexserver(1) The XML Database basexserver(1)


basexserver - XML database system and XPath/XQuery processor (server mode)


basexserver [-cdinpSz] [stop]


basexserver starts the server mode of the native XML database system basex(1) on default port 1984.


A short description of option can be obtained from
    $ basexserver -h
or by browsing


On first startup a user 'admin' with default password 'admin' exists (make sure to change this)!
Admin permissions are needed to execute one of the following processes.
Creating user 'test' with password 'test':
   > CREATE USER test test
As global permissions valid options are 'none', 'read', 'write', 'create' and 'admin'.
Revoking all global permissions from user 'test':
   > GRANT none TO test
Valid local permissions are 'none', 'read' and 'write'.
Granting write permission on database 'factbook' to user 'test':
    > GRANT write ON factbook TO test
Note: Local permissions overwrite global permissions. As a consequence, the 'test' user will only be allowed to access (i.e., read and write) the 'factbook' database. If no local permissions are set, the global rights are inherited.
Showing global permissions:
Showing local permissions on database 'factbook':
   > SHOW USERS ON factbook
Dropping of user 'test':
   > DROP USER test
Further details on user management are to be found in the BaseX Documentation Wiki (


A list of supported Database commands can be obtained from
    $ basexserver -ic help
or by browsing


basexclient(1), basex(1), basexgui(1)
BaseX (standalone and server) properties
BaseX additional GUI properties
user name, passwords, and permissions
contains all existing events
Default database directory
Server logs
Package repository
BaseX Documentation Wiki:


BaseX started as a research project of the Database and Information Systems Group (DBIS) at the University of Konstanz in 2005 and soon turned into a feature-rich open source XML database and XPath/XQuery processor.


New (3-clause) BSD License


BaseX is developed by a bunch of people called 'The BaseX Team' <> led by Christian Gruen <>.
The man page was written by Alexander Holupirek <> while packaging BaseX for Debian GNU/Linux.
09 May 2016