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berks - Chef addon to manage cookbooks and their dependencies

BERKS(1) User Commands BERKS(1)


berks - Chef addon to manage cookbooks and their dependencies



berks apply ENVIRONMENT
# Apply version locks from Berksfile.lock to a Chef environment
berks contingent COOKBOOK
# List all cookbooks that depend on the given cookbook in your Berksfile
berks cookbook NAME [PATH]
# Create a skeleton for a new cookbook
berks help [COMMAND]
# Describe available commands or one specific command
berks info [COOKBOOK]
# Display name, author, copyright, and dependency information about a cookbook
berks init [PATH]
# Initialize Berkshelf in the given directory
berks install
# Install the cookbooks specified in the Berksfile
berks list
# List cookbooks and their dependencies specified by your Berksfile
berks outdated [COOKBOOKS]
# List dependencies that have new versions available that satisfy their constraints
berks package [PATH]
# Vendor and archive the dependencies of a Berksfile
berks search NAME
# Search the remote source for cookbooks matching the partial name
berks shelf SUBCOMMAND
# Interact with the cookbook store
berks show [COOKBOOK]
# Display the path to a cookbook on disk
berks update [COOKBOOKS]
# Update the cookbooks (and dependencies) specified in the Berksfile
berks upload [COOKBOOKS]
# Upload the cookbook specified in the Berksfile to the Chef Server
berks vendor [PATH]
# Vendor the cookbooks specified by the Berksfile into a directory
berks verify
# Perform a quick validation on the contents of your resolved cookbooks
berks version
# Display version
berks viz
# Visualize the dependency graph


-c, [--config=PATH]
# Path to Berkshelf configuration to use.
-F, [--format=FORMAT]
# Output format to use. # Default: human
-q, [--quiet], [--no-quiet]
# Silence all informational output.
-d, [--debug], [--no-debug]
# Output debug information
September 2016 berks 4.3.5