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berks-api - berkshelf dependency API server

BERKS-API(1) User Commands BERKS-API(1)


berks-api - berkshelf dependency API server
Berkshelf-api is a server which indexes cookbooks from various sources and hosts it over a REST API.
Berkshelf-api supports the next endpoints:
* Chef server
* A local directory containing cookbooks
* GitHub Organization (not recommended)
* Community and private suppermarket servers (optional)


berks-api [ options]


-h, --host HOST
set the listening address
-p, --port PORT
set the listening port
-V, --verbose
run with verbose output
-d, --debug
run with debug output
-q, --quiet
silence output
-c, --config FILE
path to a configuration file to use
-v, --version
show version
show this message
August 2015 berks-api 2.1.1