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boomaga - Post-processing backend for CUPS

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boomaga - Post-processing backend for CUPS
Provides a virtual printer for CUPS. This can be used for print preview or for print booklets.


boomaga [ OPTIONS] [file]


Boomaga (BOOklet MAnager) is a virtual printer for viewing a document before printing it out using the physical printer or for print booklets.
The program is very simple to work with. Running any program, click "print" and select "Boomaga" to see in several seconds (CUPS takes some time to respond) the Boomaga window open. If you print out one more document, it gets added to the previous one, and you can also print them out as one.
-h, --help
Show help about options
-t, --title=TITLE
The job name/title
-V, --version
output version information and exit
Arguments PDF file


Boomaga is developed by the Boomaga Team and contributors on Github <>.
If you are interested in working with our development team, join us Boomaga is an open source project distributed under the GPLv2 license (some files are distributed under the LGPLv2+ license).
30 Jan 2013