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bpm-tools - calculate the tempo of music files

BPM(1) General Commands Manual BPM(1)


bpm-tools - calculate the tempo of music files


bpm-tag [ options] file
bpm-graph file
bpm [ options] < file.raw


The bpm-tools commands are used to automatically calculate the tempo (in beats-per-minute) of music, optionally displaying an analysis and adding it to file 'tags'. The data from these tags can be especially useful for navigating a music library in DJ software such as xwax(1).
The bpm command implements the algorithm on raw data, but the most commonly used command is bpm-tag.


Options are described by the commands themselves. Use one of the following for more information:
bpm-tag -h
bpm-graph -h
bpm -h


Tag a file with its tempo:
bpm-tag "Daft Punk - Get Lucky.mp3"
Calculate and display the tempo of a file without modifying it:
bpm-tag -f -n "Gwen Guthrie - Padlock.flac"
Tag a file, with a hint to look for a fast tempo:
bpm-tag -m 120 -x 200 "Roni Size - Brown Paper Bag.oga"



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