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buildd-mail - mail answer processor for buildd

BUILDD-MAIL(1) Debian sbuild BUILDD-MAIL(1)


buildd-mail - mail answer processor for buildd




This man page documents the packaged version of buildd-mail. This version is maintained by the buildd-tools project developers on Alioth (
There is also a version maintained by Ryan Murray which is adapted to build daemon needs, with similar functionality. This version should be equally capable of working in a buildd setup, but has a number of enhancements aimed at making it suitable for use by end-users.


buildd-mail processes incoming mail for the buildd user.
buildd-mail-wrapper was a setuid wrapper for buildd-mail, which has been removed and is no longer required. It has been kept as a symbolic link to buildd-mail for compatibility purposes, but is obsolete and will removed in a future release.


The buildd user should have a file ~/.forward with the following contents:
This will ensure all incoming mail will be processed using buildd-mail.


Configuration, maintained by the system administrator. This may be used to override the defaults.
User-specific configuration.
Mail forwarding configuration.


Roman Hodek <>.
sbuild is based on debbuild, written by James Troup <> and has been modified by
Ben Collins <>,
Ryan Murray <>,
Francesco Paolo Lovergine <>,
Michael Banck <>, and
Roger Leigh <>
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