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Parsing - Parsing CityGML file

PARSING(1) User Commands PARSING(1)


Parsing - Parsing CityGML file


citygmltest [ -options...] <filename>


Print some information during parsing
-filter <mask>
CityGML objects to parse (default:All) The mask is composed of:
GenericCityObject, Building, Room, BuildingInstallation, BuildingFurniture, Door, Window, CityFurniture, Track, Road, Railway, Square, PlantCover, SolitaryVegetationObject, WaterBody, TINRelief, LandUse, Tunnel, Bridge, BridgeConstructionElement, BridgeInstallation, BridgePart, All
and separators |,&,~. Examples: "All&~Track&~Room" to parse everything but tracks & rooms "Road&Railway" to parse only roads & railways
-destSRS <srs> Destination SRS (default: no transform)
June 2011 Parsing CityGML file