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clipbrowse - Load a URL from the clipboard into your browser.

CLIPBROWSE(1p) User Contributed Perl Documentation CLIPBROWSE(1p)


clipbrowse - Load a URL from the clipboard into your browser.


# ...copy something # (You might want to do a `clipjoin` if the URL text is messy) $ clipbrowse
Remember that many browsers will usefully load things that don't look like URL's. For example Firefox does a Google "I'm feeling lucky" with non-URLs. This means you can have any text in your clipboard and `clipbrowse`.


It saves a couple of seconds every time you run it. Chrome and Firefox, for examples, automatically create a new tab and loads the page when you invoke it from the command line. Already we've saved a Ctrl+T and a Shift+Insert. When you consider the parallelizing (that your browser will be actively loading the page while you're Alt+Tabbing to it), you've squeaked out a little more.
Maybe I'm just a freak, but I like shaving out wasted time like that.


The environment variable $BROWSER will override the default launching command. If you have a %s in the line, it will be replaced with the url. if not, the url will be appended at the end.
The default is `chromium-browser "%s"` (Debian's Google Chrome) If you still use Firefox, consider: `firefox -remote "openURL(%s,new-tab)"'`.


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