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cm2rem.tcl - Convert Sun's "cm" input file to Remind format

CM2REM(1) General Commands Manual CM2REM(1)


cm2rem.tcl - Convert Sun's "cm" input file to Remind format


cm2rem.tcl < cm_file > remind_file


cm2rem.tcl reads the Sun calendar manager data file and converts it into a Remind script. Note that cm2rem.tcl can convert only version 3 calendar manager files. If you are using version 4 files, there should be a system utility to convert them to version 3 files.


cm2rem.tcl is supported by Roaring Penguin Software Inc. (
cm2rem.tcl was written by Dianne Skoll <>.


Not all of the Sun calendar manager options are respected. In particular, nothing is done for e-mail actions. Also, the resulting Remind script is not editable with TkRemind; you can only edit it with a text editor.
cm2rem.tcl requires Tcl/Tk version 8.0 or higher. The tclsh interpreter must be on your path.


remind(1), tkremind(1)
18 October 1999 4th Berkeley Distribution