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cmigemo - C/Migemo Library 1.3 Driver

CMIGEMO(1) General Commands Manual CMIGEMO(1)


cmigemo - C/Migemo Library 1.3 Driver


    cmigemo [OPTIONS]


-d, --dict <dict>:
Use a file <dict> for dictionary.

-s, --subdict <dict>:
Sub dictionary files. (MAX 8 times)

-q, --quiet:
Show no message except results.

-v, --vim:
Use vim style regexp.

-e, --emacs:
Use emacs style regexp.

-n, --nonewline:
Don't use newline match.

-w, --word <word>:
Expand a <word> and soon exit.

-h, --help:
Show this message.


This manual page was written by Youhei SASAKI <>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).
June 2012 Debian Sid