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CONKEROR(1) General Commands Manual CONKEROR(1)


Conkerora keyboard-oriented, highly-customizable web browser


conkeror [options ...] [url]


Conkeror is a keyboard-oriented, highly-customizable, highly-extensible web browser based on Mozilla XULRunner, written mainly in JavaScript, and inspired by Emacs and vi. Conkeror features a sophisticated keyboard system, allowing users to run commands and interact with content in powerful and novel ways. It is self-documenting, featuring a powerful interactive help system.
The primary documentation is the inline manual. To read the manual use the key combination C-h i (CTRL-h i). The manual includes a tutorial for new users that can be accessed directly with C-h t (CTRL-h t). The Conkeror wiki, found at, is another resource.


Conkeror has the same options as all other XULRunner applications plus a few more.
X11 options
X display to use
Make X calls synchronous
Make all warnings fatal
Conkeror options
-h or -help
Print this message
-v or -version
Print conkeror version
-P <profile>
Start with <profile>
Start with migration wizard
Start with ProfileManager
Do not accept or send remote commands; implies -new-instance
Open new instance, not a new window in running instance
-UILocale <locale>
Start with <locale> resources as UI Locale
Disables extensions and themes for this session
Open the Error console
-recording <file>
Record drawing for a given URL
-recording-output <file>
Specify destination file for a drawing recording




The default location of the user configuration file is $HOME/.conkerorrc.
This can be changed by setting the preference conkeror.rcfile. The rc can be an ordinary file or a directory. If it is an ordinary file, Conkeror will evaluate that file as javascript. If it is a directory, Conkeror will evaluate all files in that directory that have the .js file extension. See for the details.


The Conkeror manual (C-h i), tutorial (C-h t) and wiki (


Conkeror was written by Shawn Betts, John J. Foerch, Jeremy Maitin-Shepard and others. See the CREDITS file included with Conkeror for a full list of contributors.
The Conkeror manual page was originally written by Axel Beckert <> and updated by Joseph Mingrone <>.
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