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cr_run - runs a subprocess with checkpoint library loaded.

CR_RUN(1) User Commands CR_RUN(1)


cr_run - runs a subprocess with checkpoint library loaded.




cr_run takes an arbitrary command and runs it with the "LD_PRELOAD" environment variable set so that an appropriate shared library is loaded at program startup. Such a library must be loaded if you wish to take a checkpoint of the process with cr_checkpoint(1).
cr_run assumes that BLCR's libraries (libcr*.so) can be found in the default library search path or via the "LD_LIBRARY_PATH" environment variable.
You do not need to use cr_run if you explicitly link your application with -lcr (you may also need to modify your linker's search path with a -L directive, depending on the library's location), or if or a related library is loaded by other libraries you have linked with (such as a checkpoint-ready MPI library), or by your system's parallel job startup script, etc. Check your system documentation for details.


print a usage message and exit.
print version information and exit.
ends options processing.
causes executed process(es) to be omitted (rather than included) in any checkpoint taken.
overrides any occurance of --omit earlier in the options (restoring the default behavior).


Because cr_run relies on the "LD_PRELOAD" environment variable, it is ineffective for statically-linked executables, and for setuid/gid programs.


Jason Duell, Paul Hargrove, and Eric Roman, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.


Bug reports may be filed on the web at


cr_checkpoint(1), cr_restart(1),
May 2008 Berkeley Lab Checkpoint/Restart