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dancer2 - Dancer2 command line interface

DANCER2(1p) User Contributed Perl Documentation DANCER2(1p)


dancer2 - Dancer2 command line interface


version 0.205002


dancer2 <command> [options...]


Dancer2 is the new generation lightweight web-framework for Perl. This tool provides nice, easily-extendable CLI interface for it.

Documentation Index

Documentation on Dancer2 is split into several manpages. Below is a complete outline on where to go for help.
Dancer2 Tutorial
If you are new to the Dancer approach, you should start by reading our Dancer2::Tutorial.
Dancer2 Manual
Dancer2::Manual is the reference for Dancer2. Here you will find information on the concepts of Dancer2 application development and a comprehensive reference to the Dancer2 domain specific language.
Dancer2 Keywords
The keywords for Dancer2 can be found under DSL Keywords.
Dancer2 Deployment
For configuration examples of different deployment solutions involving Dancer2 and Plack, refer to Dancer2::Manual::Deployment.
Dancer2 Cookbook
Specific examples of code for real-life problems and some 'tricks' for applications in Dancer can be found in Dancer2::Cookbook
Dancer2 Config
For configuration file details refer to Dancer2::Config. It is a complete list of all configuration options.
Dancer2 Plugins
Refer to Dancer2::Plugins for a partial list of available Dancer2 plugins. Note that although we try to keep this list up to date we expect plugin authors to tell us about new modules.
Dancer2 Migration guide
Dancer2::Manual::Migration provides the most up-to-date instruction on how to convert a Dancer (1) based application to Dancer2.


dancer2 - Dancer2 command line interface


gen : create new Dancer2 application
commands : list the application's commands
help : display a command's help screen
version : display version
To get detailed description of each individual command run:
dancer2 help <command>
The lastest list of available commands can be dispayed by:
dancer2 commands


Helper script for providing a bootstrapping method to quickly and easily create the framework for a new Dancer2 application.
        -a --application     the name of your application
        -p --path            the path where to create your application
                             (current directory if not specified)
        -o --overwrite       overwrite existing files
        -x --no-check        don't check for the latest version of Dancer2
                             (checking version implies internet connection)
        -s --skel            skeleton directory
Here is an application created with dancer2:
    $ dancer2 gen -a MyWeb::App
    + MyWeb-App
    + MyWeb-App/bin
    + MyWeb-App/bin/app.psgi
    + MyWeb-App/config.yml
    + MyWeb-App/environments
    + MyWeb-App/environments/development.yml
    + MyWeb-App/environments/production.yml
    + MyWeb-App/views
    + MyWeb-App/views/
    + MyWeb-App/views/layouts
    + MyWeb-App/views/layouts/
    + MyWeb-App/lib
    + MyWeb-App/lib/MyWeb
    + MyWeb-App/lib/MyWeb/
    + MyWeb-App/public
    + MyWeb-App/public/css
    + MyWeb-App/public/css/style.css
    + MyWeb-App/public/css/error.css
    + MyWeb-App/public/images
    + MyWeb-App/public/500.html
    + MyWeb-App/public/404.html
    + MyWeb-App/public/dispatch.fcgi
    + MyWeb-App/public/dispatch.cgi
    + MyWeb-App/public/javascripts
    + MyWeb-App/public/javascripts/jquery.js
    + MyWeb-App/t
    + MyWeb-App/t/002_index_route.t
    + MyWeb-App/t/001_base.t
    + MyWeb-App/Makefile.PL
The application is ready to serve:
    $ cd MyWeb-App
    $ plackup bin/app.psgi
    >> Listening on
    == Entering the development dance floor ...


This script has been written by Ivan Kruglov <> base on original dancer2 script which has been written by Sebastien Deseille <> and Alexis Sukrieh <>.


See Dancer2 for more information.


This module is free software and is published under the same terms as Perl itself.


Dancer Core Developers This software is copyright (c) 2017 by Alexis Sukrieh.
This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.
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