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datalad-publish(1) General Commands Manual datalad-publish(1)


datalad-publish [--version] [-h] [-l LEVEL] [-p {condor}] [-d DATASET]
[--to DEST] [-r] [--since SINCE] [--skip-failing]
[--annex-copy-opts OPT_STR]
[PATH [PATH ...]]


Publish a dataset (e.g. to a web server)
This makes the current state of a dataset available to a sibling of the
dataset. That sibling needs to be known to the dataset before.
CREATE_PUBLICATION_TARGET commands are meant to set up such a sibling, but
generally you can publish to any sibling added to a dataset.
Publishing may or may not include subdatasets.
By default file handles are published without their actual content,
but they can be published including the content, of course.


PATH path(s), that may point to file handle(s) to publish
including their actual content or to subdataset(s) to
be published. If a file handle is published with its
data, this implicitly means to also publish the
(sub)dataset it belongs to. '.' as a path is treated
in a special way in the sense, that it is passed to
subdatasets in case RECURSIVE is also given.
Constraints: value must be a string [Default: None]

--version show the program's version and license information
-h, --help, --help-np
show this help message. --help-np forcefully disables
the use of a pager for displaying the help message
-l LEVEL, --log-level LEVEL
set logging verbosity level. Choose among critical,
error, warning, info, debug. Also you can specify an
integer <10 to provide even more debugging information
-p {condor}, --pbs-runner {condor}
execute command by scheduling it via available PBS.
For settings, config file will be consulted
-d DATASET, --dataset DATASET
specify the dataset to publish. If no dataset is
given, an attempt is made to identify the dataset
based on the current working directory. Constraints:
Value must be a Dataset or a valid identifier of a
Dataset (e.g. a path) [Default: None]
--to DEST sibling name identifying the publication target. If no
destination is given an attempt is made to identify
the target based on the dataset's configuration.
Constraints: value must be a string [Default: None]
-r, --recursive
recursively publish all subdatasets of the dataset. In
order to recursively publish with all data, use '.' as
PATH in combination with RECURSIVE. [Default: False]
--since SINCE
When publishing dataset(s), specifies commit (treeish,
tag, etc) from which to look for changes to decide
either updated publishing is necessary for this and
which children. If empty argument is provided, then we
will always run publish command. By default, would
take from the previously published to that
remote/sibling state (for the current branch).
Constraints: value must be a string [Default: None]
--skip-failing skip failing sub-datasets (incombination with
RECURSIVE) instead of failing altogether. [Default:
--annex-copy-opts OPT_STR
options passed to 'annex copy'. Constraints: value
must be a string [Default: None]


datalad is developed by The DataLad Team and Contributors <>.
2016-11-10 datalad-publish 0.4.1