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dc-tool - Manage contributions to

DC-TOOL(1) User Commands DC-TOOL(1)


dc-tool - Manage contributions to


usage: dc-tool [-h] [--debug] [--verbose] [--baseurl url] [--source SOURCE] [--auth-token AUTH_TOKEN] [--json] [--post] [--mine conffile] [--mine-documentation] [sources) [source(s ...]]

positional arguments:

JSON file(s) to post if --mine is not provided

optional arguments:

-h, --help
show this help message and exit
enable debugging output
enable verbose output
--baseurl url
URL to post data to (default:
--source SOURCE
Data source name
--auth-token AUTH_TOKEN
Authentication token. Use @file to use the file content as auth token.
write the JSON submission to standard output
POST contribution data to the site
--mine conffile
Perform data mining using the given config file
Print data mining documentation in reStructuredText format
December 2016 dc-tool 0.7.6