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DGEN(1) General Commands Manual DGEN(1)


dgen Sega Genesis/MegaDrive emulator


dgen [-PRfhjv] [-D DEMONAME] [-d DEMONAME] [-n USEC] [-p CODE,CODE...] [-r RCFILE] [-X XFACT] [-Y YFACT] [-S FACT] [-G XxY] [-s SLOT] romname


The rom image in the file romname is executed, as emulated on a Sega Genesis or MegaDrive running in 60Hz NTSC mode (unless the -P option is specified, in which case 50Hz PAL mode is used). romname should be in raw binary or SMD format, and may be compressed with gzip(1), zip(1), or bzip2(1).
The options are as follows:
Emulate 50Hz PAL mode (as used in European models of the MegaDrive).
If running with root priviledges, set priority to -20, so no other processes interrupt (including the X server, which can be a Bad Thing).
Run fullscreen, if possible.
Show a brief synopsis of all options.
Use joystick, if running on Linux with joystick drivers >= 1.0.
Show the version number, and exit.
Play back a demo recorded with the -d option.
Record a demo of the program running, which can be later replayed with the -D switch.
Sleep for a number of microseconds after every frame, to give time to other processes.
Modify the ROM image in memory, using Game Genie or Hex style codes. Game Genie codes are of the form ABCD-EFGH and Hex codes are in the form 123456:ABCD. To specify more than one code, separate them with commas (do not use spaces).
Parse another rc file after $HOME/.dgen/dgenrc. Values in the specified file override those in the preceding files.
Scale the window XFACT times in the X direction. XFACT must be a positive integer.
Scale the window YFACT times in the Y direction. YFACT must be a positive integer.
Scale the window FACT times in both directions. FACT must be a positive integer.
-G XxY
Use OpenGL to render the screen, if available. The parameter is the width and height of the desired screen (e.g. 640x480, 800x600, etc.)
Load the saved state from the given slot at startup (0-9)


Contains user settings for the emulator.
Save states generated by the emulator.
Battery-backup RAM images, generated by the emulator for ROMs with save RAM.


gzip(1), bzip2(1), zip(1), dgenrc(5)


This manual page was written by Joe Groff ⟨joe@pknet.com⟩.


PAL mode does not work very well yet. Numerous buffer overruns (think twice before making dgen setuid-root).
Send any bugs you find (and fixes too, please :) to
Joe Groff ⟨joe@pknet.com⟩.
February 21, 2001