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dh_installxsp - install host files into /etc/xsp/conf.d and

DH_INSTALLXSP(1) User Contributed Perl Documentation DH_INSTALLXSP(1)


dh_installxsp - install host files into /etc/xsp/conf.d and /etc/mono-server/conf.d


dh_installxsp [debhelper options] [--name=name] [ -V version(s)]


dh_installxsp is a debhelper program that will install host configuration files in /etc/xsp4/conf.d and /etc/mono-server4/conf.d (for XSP 4). So, if xsp 4 is installed or will be installed, when xsp starts it automatically starts the daemon with the host file.
The files debian/package.hostxsp4 are used for XSP 4.
In the debian/rules file, dh_installxsp needs to be called before dh_installdeb to make sure the files are properly marked as conffiles to avoid the lintian warnings. Otherwise, the files created in /etc/ need to be marked as conffiles.


Look for files named debian/package.hostxsp4 and install them as /etc/xsp4/conf.d/package/hostfile.
-V version(s)
Installs the files for XSP 4.0 (-V 4). If this version is not specified (or just -V is given), this only installed files for XSP 4.


This program is a part of mono-utils.


Originally written by Pablo Fischer <>. Modified by Dylan R. E. Moonfire <> to handle XSP and XSP 2 installation. Modified by Jo Shields <> to drop XSP and add XSP 4.
2017-04-01 perl v5.24.1