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dh_sodeps - generate library dependencies for development *.so symlinks

DH_SODEPS(1) User Contributed Perl Documentation DH_SODEPS(1)


dh_sodeps - generate library dependencies for development *.so symlinks


dh_sodeps [debhelper options] [-Vversioninfo]


dh_sodeps is a helper program that generates library dependencies for *.so symlinks that are typically found in the library development packages.
It basically looks for usr/lib/*.so in the package build directory, finds all local arch specific packages that actually contain targets of those symlinks and adds dependencies on the discovered packages to the "so:Depends" substitution variable. Dependencies are strict by default, i.e. (=${binary:Version}) if the package containing *.so is arch specific or (>=${source:Version}) if it is arch independent.


-Vversioninfo, --version-info=versioninfo
Use the specified version information for dependencies. If this option is not specified, dh_sodeps will generate a strict dependency as explained above. Please note that you don't need to enclose the value in brackets. dh_sodeps will do this automatically.
-Xitem, --exclude item
Do not calculate dependencies for *.so files that contain "item" anywhere in their path/filename. You may use this option multiple times to build up a list of things to exclude.




Modestas Vainius <>
2017-10-17 perl v5.26.0