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diameterc - diameterc [<options>] <file>

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diameterc - diameterc [<options>] <file>


The diameterc utility is used to compile a diameter dictionary file into Erlang source. The resulting source implements the interface diameter required to encode and decode the dictionary's messages and AVPs.
The module diameter_make(3erl) provides an alternate compilation interface.


diameterc [<options>] <file>:
Compile a single dictionary file to Erlang source. Valid options are as follows.
-i <dir>:
Prepend the specified directory to the code path. Use to point at beam files compiled from inherited dictionaries, @inherits in a dictionary file creating a beam dependency, not an erl/hrl dependency.
Multiple -i options can be specified.
-o <dir>:
Write generated source to the specified directory. Defaults to the current working directory.
Suppress erl and hrl generation, respectively.
--name <name>:
--prefix <prefix>:
Transform the input dictionary before compilation, setting @name or @prefix to the specified string.
--inherits <arg>:
Transform the input dictionary before compilation, appending @inherits of the specified string.
Two forms of --inherits have special meaning:
--inherits - --inherits Prev/Mod
The first has the effect of clearing any previous inherits, the second of replacing a previous inherits of Prev to one of Mod. This allows the semantics of the input dictionary to be changed without modifying the file itself.
Multiple --inherits options can be specified.


Returns 0 on success, non-zero on failure.


diameter_make(3erl), diameter_dict(5)
diameter 2.1.2 Ericsson AB