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dnsping - DNS ping utility

DNSPING(1) General Commands Manual DNSPING(1)


dnsping - DNS ping utility


dnsping pings a DNS resolver by sending an arbitrary DNS query for given number of times. It calculates minimum, maximum and average response time as well as jitter (stddev).


usage: dnsping [-h] [-q] [-v] [-s server] [-p port] [-P port] [-S address] [-c count] [-t type] [-w wait] hostname


-h --help
Show this help
-q --quiet
-v --verbose
Print actual dns response
-s --server
DNS server to use (default: first entry from /etc/resolv.conf)
-p --port
DNS server port number (default: 53)
-T --tcp
Use TCP instead of UDP
-4 --ipv4
Use IPv4 as default network protocol
-6 --ipv6
Use IPv6 as default network protocol
-P --srcport
Query source port number (default: 0)
-S --srcip
Query source IP address (default: default interface address)
-c --count
Number of requests to send (default: 10)
-w --wait
Maximum wait time for a reply (default: 5)
-t --type
DNS request record type (default: A)


For more documentation on dnsping see
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