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dpt-shell-lib -- shell integration of dpt(1)

dpt-shell-lib(1) Debian Perl packaging Tools dpt-shell-lib(1)


dpt-shell-lib -- shell integration of dpt(1)


In the interactive configuration script of your shell:
` dpt shell-lib`


dpt shell-lib prints out a shell command that loads some goodies when working with packages from the Debian Perl Group.
Currently this is only a wrapper function for the dpt(1) command, which captures the output of dpt-checkout(1) and dpt-cd(1) commands and changes the current directory to the checkout.


None. Copyright 2013 Damyan Ivanov <>
This program is free software and can be distributed under the same terms as Perl.
2017-08-07 pkg-perl-tools 0.39