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dpt-upstream-repo - add upstream Git repository as git remote upstream-repo

dpt-upstream-repo(1) Debian Perl packaging Tools dpt-upstream-repo(1)


dpt-upstream-repo - add upstream Git repository as git remote upstream-repo


dpt upstream-repo [-g|-u]


dpt upstream-repo adds the upstream Git repository as a git remote named upstream-repo. The URL for the repository is read from either debian/copyright's Source field or from debian/upstream/metadata's Repository field.
In case there's no Git URL in debian/copyright and debian/upstream/metadata doesn't exist, the latter is created with dpt-debian-upstream(1).


Don't create debian/upstream/metadata.
Used for initial cloning, e.g. with mr up: We want the upstream repo being added if debian/upstream/metadata exists.
The letter g is used for historical reasons because initially this option only suppressed the automatic committing to the git repository.
Update the URL of the upstream-repo git remote. The value is read from the same places as for the initial creation.
-u implies -g, i.e. we also don't create debian/upstream/metadata on updates.


Copyright 2013-2016 gregor herrmann
Copyright 2014 David Bremner
Copyright 2015 Axel Beckert <>
This program is free software, licensed under the same term as perl.
2017-08-07 pkg-perl-tools 0.39