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dustmite - a tool for minimizing D source code.

dustmite(1) User Commands dustmite(1)


dustmite - a tool for minimizing D source code.


dustmite [ OPTION]... PATH TESTER


DustMite is a tool for minimizing D source code. Reducing C++ code also works quite well via --split *.{c,cpp,h,hpp}:d.
DustMite will parse the source code into a simple hierarchy, and attempt to shrink it by deleting fragments iteratively, as long as the result satisfies a user-specified condition.
PATH should be a directory containing a clean copy of the file-set to reduce.
A file path can also be specified. NAME.EXT will be treated like NAME/NAME.EXT. TESTER should be a shell command which returns 0 for a correct reduction, and anything else otherwise.


Force reduction of unusual files
--reduce-only MASK Only reduce paths glob-matching MASK
(may be used multiple times)
--no-remove REGEXP Do not reduce blocks containing REGEXP
(may be used multiple times)
Attempt to remove comments from source code.
--coverage DIR
Load .lst files corresponding to source files from DIR
Instead of reducing, obfuscate the input by replacing words with random substitutions
Preserve word length when obfuscating
--split MASK:MODE
Parse and reduce files specified by MASK using the given splitter. Can be repeated. MODE must be one of: files, lines, words, d
Don't redirect stdout/stderr streams of test command.
Use N look-ahead processes (8 by default)
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Less interesting options:

--strategy STRAT
Set strategy (careful/lookback/pingpong/indepth/inbreadth)
Dump parsed tree to DIR.dump file
Dump parsed tree to DIR.html file
Display verbose spent time breakdown
--cache DIR
Use DIR as persistent disk cache (in addition to memory cache)
Save all attempted reductions to DIR.trace
Disable saving in-progress results
Disable tree optimization step (may be useful with --dump)


The full documentation for dustmite can be found on the GitHub wiki:
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