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edirutil - synthesize NCBI ENTREZ_DIRECT XML (edirect pipeline state)

EDIRUTIL(1) NCBI Entrez Direct User's Manual EDIRUTIL(1)


edirutil - synthesize NCBI ENTREZ_DIRECT XML (edirect pipeline state)


edirutil [ -db name] [ -web webenv] [ -key N] [ -count  N] [ -step N] [ -silent] [ -verbose] [ -debug]


edirutil synthesizes ENTREZ_DIRECT XML records, which several edirect commands read, write, or both, to allow for server-side transformation or filtering of results prior to presenting them. edirutil makes it possible to bypass one or more edirect pipeline stages on the basis of state observed in browsers or other tools that don't natively produce ENTREZ_DIRECT XML.


-db name
Work with the named Entrez database.
-web webenv
Pass the specified WebEnv cookie.
-key N
Work with the Nth result set associated with the specified WebEnv.
-count N
Expect N results.
-step N
Indicate the current pipeline depth.
Suppress connection failure retry messages.
Display the ENTREZ_DIRECT XML field values at each step.
Print the internal URL query and XML results of each step.


econtact(1), edirect(1).
2017-01-24 NCBI