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efilter - filter and/or sort NCBI Entrez search results

EFILTER(1) NCBI Entrez Direct User's Manual EFILTER(1)
NCBI "NCBI Entrez Direct User's Manual"


efilter - filter and/or sort NCBI Entrez search results


efilter (efetch -filter) [ -help] [ -query str] [ -sort field] [ -days  N] [ -datetype field] [ -mindate  date] [ -maxdate date] [ -field field] [-pairs field ] [-spell] [-pub type] [-feature type] [-location  type] [-molecule  type] [-organism  type] [-source  type] [-status alive ] [-type  type] [-label name]


efilter filters and/or sorts results from a previous edirect(1) search.


Query Specification

-query str
Limit results to those matching the given query string.

Document Order

-sort field
Sort results by the given field.

Date Constraint

-days N
Keep only results from the past N days.
-datetype field
Which date field (in abbreviated form) to consider.
-mindate date
Start of date range.
-maxdate date
End of date range.

Limit by Field

-field field
Query words individually in field.
-pairs field
Query overlapping word pairs.

Spell Check

Correct misspellings in query.

Publication Filters

-pub type
abstract, clinical, english, free, historical, journal, last_week, last_month, last_year, preprint, review, structured.

Sequence Filters

-feature type
gene, mrna, cds, mat_peptide, ...
-location type
mitochondrion, chloroplast, plasmid, plastid.
-molecule type
genomic, mrna, trna, rrna, ncrna.
-organism type
animals, archaea, bacteria, eukaryotes, fungi, human, insects, mammals, plants, prokaryotes, protists, rodents, viruses.
-source type
genbank, insd, pdb, pir, refseq, swissprot, tpa

Gene Filters

-status alive
-type type
coding, pseudo.

Miscellaneous Arguments

Print usage information.
-label name
Alias for query step.


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