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eja - micro web server

eja(1) General Commands Manual eja(1)


eja - micro web server


eja [SCRIPT] [OPTION]...


eja can be used as a micro web server for static and dynamic generated content, as a text scanner using Lua pattern matching syntax or as a standalone Lua interpreter.


launch an interactive shell.
--update library
if library is specified install or update it otherwise update eja to latest version.
--export file
export file to eja portable bytecode.
--log-file file
log data to file, default: stderr
--log-level 0..5
level can be from 0 (no log) to 5 (trace).
--scan script
if script is present load it as the scanning script using R as full row content and F as matching array elements. Otherwise print only matching pattern content.
--scan-file file
scanning input file, default: stdin
--scan-pattern pattern
set a valid Lua pattern as fields separator, default: %S+
--scan-record pattern
set a valid Lua pattern as record separator, default: \n
start a new web server in background.
--web-stop port
stop the web server running on specified port, default 35248.
--web-host IP
bind web server to specified IP, default all available.
--web-port value
run the web server port on specified value, default 35248.
--web-path path
web content path, default /var/web
--web-size value
set web server buffer size, default 8192.
add a new web server user.
display help information.


lua(1), awk(1)


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