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f1tattoo - disc T@2 feature for Yamaha F1 CD-RW devices

f1tattoo(1) General Commands Manual f1tattoo(1)


f1tattoo - disc T@2 feature for Yamaha F1 CD-RW devices


f1tattoo [-l] [-h]
f1tattoo -d DEVICE [-c] [-s] [--tattoo-test]
f1tattoo -d DEVICE --tattoo-raw <file.raw>
f1tattoo -d DEVICE --tattoo-png <file.png>


f1tattoo is the linux console tool to use the Yamaha disc T@2 feature. You won't get satisfying results on Phtalocyanin dye.


You can disc T@2 with these drives:
Yamaha F1 CD-RW, Yamaha F1DX


can be an IDE, SCSI, SATA, USB or FireWire connected optical drive. Not all SATA controller support all Plextor features.
/dev/hdX: IDE device
/dev/scdX: Linux 2.4: SATA, SCSI, USB device, or IDE device via ide-scsi emulation
/dev/srX: Linux 2.6: IDE device via new ATA layer, SCSI or USB device
/dev/cd: SCSI device
/dev/acd: ATA device
MacOS X:
C:,D:,E:, ... X:,Y:,Z:


-l, --scanbus
scan busses for all available CD and DVD devices.
-h, --help
help. show available options.
-c, --current
show current drive settings of selected device
-s, --supported
show supported features of selected device
write DiscT@2 test image
--tattoo-raw tattoo.raw
write DiscT@2 using raw data from tattoo.raw file
--tattoo-png tattoo.png
write DiscT@2 using png image from tattoo.png file check if f1tattoo compiled with png support using --help option
-v, --verbose
give verbose output


f1tattoo -l
list all available CD- and DVD-devices
f1tattoo -d /dev/hdc --tattoo-raw filename.raw
writes DiscT@2 using filename.raw file on media in device /dev/hdc please report man page improvements to
26 Feb 2014 Debian Sid