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fbsetroot - a simple background utility used by the fluxbox(1) window manager,

FBSETROOT(1) Fluxbox Manual FBSETROOT(1)


fbsetroot - a simple background utility used by the fluxbox(1) window manager, originally written for and by the original blackbox(1) window manager.


fbsetroot [-display display] -solid color
fbsetroot [-display display] -mod x y -fg color -bg color
fbsetroot [-display display] -gradient texture -from color -to color
fbsetroot -help


fbsetroot(1) is a utility that can control the appearance of the root window in three ways: Either give it a solid color, or write a two color modula pattern to it, or render a gradient texture, based on two different colors.
fbsetroot resembles xsetroot(1) in this functionality but it supports multiple-screen displays, and gradient textures the same way as blackbox or fluxbox does. It doesn’t handle cursors etc. fbsetroot was originally part of the Blackbox package and was carried over with the code that became Fluxbox. It was called bsetroot back in those days.
If any errors are encountered, fbsetroot will use either gxmessage(1) or xmessage(1) to inform the user of errors.


fbsetroot operates in three ways, you must choose one of the first 3 options:
-solid color
Sets the root window to specified color.
-mod x y
Creates a modula pattern. You must specify -bg and -fg colors.
-gradient texturestring
Renders the specified texture string to the root window.
texturestring may be one of:
Horizontal / Vertical / Diagonal / Crossdiagonal / Pipecross / Elliptic / Rectangle / Pyramid
Select one of these texture types, they only apply when -gradient is specified. You must also specify both a -from and a -to color.
-display display
Tells fbsetroot to connect to the specified display.
-bg, -background color
Background color. Needed for -mod patterns.
-fg, -foreground color
Foreground color. Needed for -mod patterns.
-from color
Start color for rendering textures. Needed for -gradient patterns.
-to color
Ending color for rendering textures. Needed for -gradient patterns.
Prints version info and short help text.


This manpage was modified by Curt "Asenchi" Micol <asenchi at> for the Fluxbox window manager.
Further updates for fluxbox-1.1.2 and conversion to asciidoc format by Jim Ramsay < at>


fluxbox(1) fbsetbg(1) xsetroot(1) xmessage(1) gxmessage(1)


Jim Ramsay <>
13 February 2013 fbsetroot.txt