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fdolmove - Interactive Dollo or Polymorphism Parsimony

FDOLMOVE(1e) EMBOSS Manual for Debian FDOLMOVE(1e)


fdolmove - Interactive Dollo or Polymorphism Parsimony


fdolmove -infile discretestates -intreefile tree [-weights properties] [-ancfile  properties] [-factorfile properties] [-method list] [-thresh toggle] -threshold float [-initialtree  list] [-screenwidth integer] [-screenlines  integer] [-outtreefile  outfile]
fdolmove -help


fdolmove is a command line program from EMBOSS (“the European Molecular Biology Open Software Suite”). It is part of the "Phylogeny:Molecular sequence" command group(s).


Input section

-infile discretestates
File containing data set
-intreefile tree
-weights properties
Weights file
-ancfile properties
-factorfile properties

Additional section

-method list
Default value: d
-thresh toggle
Default value: N
-threshold float
Default value: 1
-initialtree list
Default value: Arbitary
-screenwidth integer
Default value: 80
-screenlines integer
Default value: 24

Output section

-outtreefile outfile


Bugs can be reported to the Debian Bug Tracking system (, or directly to the EMBOSS developers (


fdolmove is fully documented via the tfm(1) system.


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