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fitsverify - Test if the input file(s) conform to the FITS format



fitsverify - Test if the input file(s) conform to the FITS format


fitsverify filename ...
fitsverify @filelist.txt


This task reads one or more input FITS files and verifies that the files conform to the specifications of the FITS Standard document (known as the NASA/Science Office of Standards and Technology 'Definition of the Current FITS Standard', document number, NOST 100-2.0, available online at The input filename template may contain wildcard characters, in which case all matching files will be tested. Alternatively, the name of an ASCII text file containing a list of file names, one per line, may be entered preceded by an '@' character.


list all header keywords
quiet; print one-line pass/fail summary per file
only test for error conditions; don't issue warnings


Mandatory keyword not present or out of order
Mandatory keyword has wrong datatype or illegal value
END header keyword is not present
Sum of table column widths is inconsistent with NAXIS1 value
BLANK keyword present in image with floating-point datatype
TNULLn keyword present for floating-point binary table column
Bit column has non-zero fill bits or is not left adjusted
ASCII TABLE column contains illegal value inconsistent with TFORMn
Address to a variable length array not within the data heap
Extraneous bytes in the FITS file following the last HDU
Mandatory keyword values not expressed in fixed format
Mandatory keyword duplicated elsewhere in the header
Header contains illegal ASCII character (not ASCII 32 - 126)
Keyword name contains illegal character
Keyword value field has illegal format
Value and comment fields not separated by a slash character
END keyword not filled with blanks in columns 9 - 80
Reserved keyword with wrong datatype or illegal value
EXTEND not present in the primary array if there are extensions
BLOCKED, if present, not among the first 36 keywords
XTENSION keyword in the primary array
Column related keyword (TFIELDS, TTYPEn,TFORMn, etc.) in an image
SIMPLE, EXTEND, or BLOCKED keyword in any extension
Image WCS keywords (CTYPEn, CRPIXn, CRVALn, etc.) in a table
Table WCS keywords (TCTYPn, TCRPXn, TCRVLn, etc.) in an image
TDIMn or THEAP keyword in an ASCII table
TBCOLn keyword in a Binary table
THEAP keyword in a binary table that has PCOUNT = 0
XTENSION, TFORMn, TDISPn or TDIMn value contains leading space(s)
Index of any WCS keyword (CRPIXn, CRVALn, etc.) greater than value of WCSAXES
Index of any table column descriptor keyword (TTYPEn, TFORMn, etc.) greater than value of TFIELDS
TSCALn or TZEROn present for an ASCII, logical, or Bit column
TDISPn value is inconsistent with the column datatype
Length of a variable length array greater than the maximum length as given by the TFORMn keyword
Logical column contains illegal value not equal to 'T', 'F', or 0
Character string column contains non-ASCII text character
Header fill bytes not all blanks
Data fill bytes not all blanks in ASCII tables or all zeros in any other type of HDU
Gaps between defined ASCII table columns contain characters with ASCII value > 127


Presence of deprecated keywords BLOCKED or EPOCH
2 HDUs have identical EXTNAME, EXTVER, and EXTLEVEL values
BSCALE or TSCALn value = 0.
BLANK OR TNULLn value exceeds the legal range
TFORMn has 'rAw' format and r is not a multiple of w
DATE = 'dd/mm/yy' and yy is less than 10 (Y2K problem??)
Index of any WCS keyword (CRPIXn, CRVALn, etc.) greater than value of NAXIS, if the WCSAXES keyword is not present
Duplicated keyword (except COMMENT, HISTORY, blank, etc.)
Column name (TTYPEn) does not exist or contains characters other than letter, digit and underscore
Calculated checksum inconsistent with CHECKSUM or DATASUM keyword



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