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FLICKR_MAKE_TEST_VALUES(1p) User Contributed Perl Documentation FLICKR_MAKE_TEST_VALUES(1p)

NAME - script to assist with testing the Flickr::API


" --values_out=file_to_build [--values_in=existing_file]"



--values_out points to where to create the stored Flickr values file


--values_in points to the optional input values file to use as a base for the --values_out file you are creating.
--help as expected


This script is a lightweight method to assemble key/value pairs for testing the Flickr::API. It is used to build a file for the make test portion of installation. It does not use Flickr::API; and sticks to modules from perl core so that it can be used prior to-- and perhaps in conjunction with-- installation and testing of the Flickr::API module.
When you make test, add the environment variable MAKETEST_VALUES, pointing to the key/values file you specified. The command should look something like:
  make test MAKETEST_VALUES=/home/myusername/test-flickr-values.txt
  make test MAKETEST_VALUES=/home/myusername/test-flickr-values.txt \
Copyright (c) 2015, Louis B. Moore "<>".
This program is released under the Artistic License 2.0 by The Perl Foundation.


The README in the Flickr::API distribution.
2016-10-19 perl v5.24.1