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flipx - Flip x axis in a FITS image

flipx(1) General Commands Manual flipx(1)


flipx - Flip x axis in a FITS image


flipx <input images>


This is an example use of the qfits library. This program expects a list of FITS file names in input. For each input file, it will flip the image contained in the main data section in the X direction, i.e. pixel (i,j) is swapped with pixel (lx-i, j).
The pixel loading mechanism is independent from endian-ness of the local host or FITS pixel type. This program offers a good overview of how to use qfits for pixel-level operations.




Input files shall all comply with FITS format.


Notice that this program does not support cubes or image extensions, but could be easily extended to support that case.
25 Jul 2001 Debian Sid