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fvwm-perllib - shows the documentation of the Fvwm Perl library

fvwm-perllib(1) Fvwm Utilities fvwm-perllib(1)


fvwm-perllib - shows the documentation of the Fvwm Perl library


fvwm-perllib [ --help|-h|-? ] [ --version|-v| -V ] [ man [ Perl::Class ] ] [ cat [ Perl::Class ] ] [ raw [ Perl::Class ] ] [ dir ]


Starting from fvwm-2.5.x versions there is a built-in support for creating fvwm modules in Perl. This fvwm-perllib utility provides help services for the Fvwm Perl library.


--help show the help and exit
--version show the version and exit
--man or man [ Perl::Class ] show manual page just like man(1)
--cat or cat [ Perl::Class ] show manual page in plain text
--raw or raw [ Perl::Class ] generate output in man format (not human readable)
--dir or dir print perllib directory without a trailing end of line


Use this in the fvwm modules written in Perl:
    use lib `fvwm-perllib dir`;
Introduction to the Fvwm Perl library:
    % fvwm-perllib man
Manual page for the "FVWM::Module" class:
    % fvwm-perllib man FVWM::Module
Standard options:
    % fvwm-perllib --help
    % fvwm-perllib --version


Mikhael Goikhman <>.


The script is distributed by the same terms as fvwm itself. See GNU General Public License for details.


No known bugs.
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2009-03-22 2.5.28 (from cvs)