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fzy - A fuzzy text selector menu for the terminal.

FZY(1) General Commands Manual FZY(1)


fzy - A fuzzy text selector menu for the terminal.


fzy [OPTION]...


fzy is a fuzzy text selector/file finder for the terminal using a search similar to that of TextMate or CmdT.
fzy reads a list of newline-separated items from stdin to be displayed as a menu in the terminal. Upon pressing ENTER, the currently selected item is printed to stdout.
Entering text narrows the items using fuzzy matching. Results are sorted using heuristics for the best match.


-l, --lines=LINES
How many lines of items to display. If unspecified, defaults to 10 lines.
-p, --prompt=PROMPT
Input prompt (default: '> ')
-s, --show-scores
Show the scores for each item.
-t, --tty=TTY
Use TTY instead of the default tty device (/dev/tty).
-q, --query=QUERY
Use QUERY as the initial search query.
-e, --show-matches=QUERY
Non-interactive mode. Print the matches in sorted order for QUERY to stdout.
-h, --help
Usage help.
-v, --version
Usage help.


Print the selected item to stdout and exit
Up Arrow, Ctrl+p
Select the previous item
Down Arrow, Ctrl+n
Select the next item
Replace the current search string with the selected item
Backspace, Ctrl+h
Delete the character before the cursor
Delete the word before the cursor
Delete the entire line


ls | fzy
Present a menu of items in the current directory
ls | fzy -l 25
Same as above, but show 25 lines of items
vi $(find -type f | fzy)
List files under the current directory and open the one selected in vi.
cd $(find -type d | fzy)
Present all directories under current path, and change to the one selected.
ps aux | fzy | awk '{ print $2 }' | xargs kill
List running processes, kill the selected process
git checkout $(git branch | cut -c 3- | fzy)
Same as above, but switching git branches.


John Hawthorn <>
2017-04-17 fzy 0.9