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g3dviewer - a program to display and inspect 3D models

G3DVIEWER(1) General Commands Manual G3DVIEWER(1)


g3dviewer - a program to display and inspect 3D models


g3dviewer [options] [<filename>]


After loading a valid model it should appear on the screen.
Use the left mouse button to rotate the model. To move the view hold down the SHIFT key and use left mouse button.
To zoom the model use the scroll wheel or hold the middle mouse button and move the mouse up or down.
The right mouse button opens a context menu where you can open the model information dialog, set some options or change the background color.


Show summary of options


There are also some options which are just for development.
Just parse the model and exit.


.3mf, 3dmf
3D Metafiles.
.3ds, .prj
3D Studio objects.
unknown, but 3D Metafile format.
Caligary TrueSpace objects.
AutoCAD models.
Impulse Turbo Silver / Imagine objects.
.lw, .lwo, .lwb
LightWave objects.
Quake 2 models.
Neutral File Format objects.
Wavefront objects.
.q3o, .q3s
Quick3D objects and scenes.
VRML worlds.


Most import plugins are incomplete. The goal is not to crash on broken input but it is not always reached.


g3dviewer was written by Markus Dahms <>
july 22nd 2005 Debian Sid