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Gatos - ATI-TV for GNU/Linux



Gatos - ATI-TV for GNU/Linux


The GATOS (General ATI TV and Overlay Software) is an effort to create standard drivers for all currently unsupported features of ATI video cards, specifically TV features.


The GATOS homepage is located at:
Updates, news, additional documentation and the FAQ can be found there.


Insomnia (Stea Greene) <> send bug reports and code patches to this address.


-GNU/Linux, FreeBSD and NetBSD
(only tested on x86).
All-In-Wonder, All-In-Wonder Pro or Rage II/Pro with ATI-TV tuner card. Limited support for the All-In-Wonder 128 and Rage128 with ATI-TV tuner card.
recommended, but not required.


There are many programs packaged with GATOS:
- xatitv     : GUI "TV in a window" application.
- atitv      : Simple text-mode program.
- gatos-conf : GUI GATOS configuration application.
- atitoppm,
- atitogif,
- atitojpg,
- yuvsum,
- atisplit   : YUV conversion program.
- scanpci    : PCI bus utility.


To submit a bug report, send an e-mail to:
Insomnia (Stea Greene) <> 
with a subject line of: GATOS BUG: <brief description...>
Then in the main body of the message:
- Describe the bug in detail, including how to repeat the
- Specify what version of GATOS and what version of
IBTK you are using,
- Then include a dump of "xatitv -v" (either as a MIME
attachment or right in the message),
- Include a patch of any changes you made to the code that may
fix the problem. See  PATCHES below,
When a bug is fixed or if the bug report is not understood, you
will get a reply,  so make sure your message is properly reply-able.


To create a patch, first make sure you have a full tree of both the
original and the modified trees (herin called " gatos-orig" and
" gatos-new" respectively).
Make sure each tree is clean by using:
make distclean
in  EACH directory.  Then change to the directory immediately above
these two directories and use the following command:
diff -ur gatos-orig gatos-new > gatos-new-patch 
Look at  gatos-new-patch (with a text editor or viewer) and make sure
nothing is changed that you didn't intend to be.  You can submit this
patch to me either included in an e-mail, or as a MIME attachment, or
you can compress it and send it as a MIME attachment, as follows:
Compress it with:
gzip -9 gatos-new-patch
Then send  gatos-new-patch.gz to me as a MIME attachment.
If there is a problem with the patch, or I have a question or the
patch/description is not understood, you will get a reply,  so make sure
your message is properly reply-able.


Files  not covered by the main GATOS license (GNU Public
delay.S, delay.h and linkage.h are from the Linux 2.0.36 kernel
sources (slightly modified) and are Copyright (C) 1993 by Linus
scanpci.c is from XFree86 3.3.3 and is Copyright (C) 1995 by Robin
pci.c is modified from scanpci.c and is Copyright (C) 1995+1999 by
Robin Cutshaw and Øyvind Aabling.


Primary Authors:
Øyvind Aabling <> Daniel Caujolle-Bert <> Vladimir Dergachev <> Insomnia (Stea Greene) <> Christian Lupien <> Octavian PURDILA <>
Other Contributors:
Bob Bell <> Bruce Forsberg <> Chris Hardy <> Victor Bogado da Silva Lins <> Ken Dresser <> Jan ONDREJ <> techt <> hook <> Rodrigo Ventura <>

Based on:
by Øyvind Aabling.
by Øyvind Aabling, Christian Lupien, Vladimir Dergachev and Bruce Forsberg.
by Øyvind Aabling, Insomnia (Stea Greene) and Bruce Forsberg.
-Limited documentation and some support
from ATI Technologies Inc.
20 Dec 1999