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genwqe_test_gz - IBM Hardware Accelerator Tool.



genwqe_test_gz - IBM Hardware Accelerator Tool.


Usage of genwqe_test_gz:

[-h] Print this help message. [-s] Run on software zlib if genwqe_card is not loaded. [-S] Run on software zlib even if genwqe_card is loaded. [-i] <iterations> repeat multiple times for more testing.
Default: 100
[-p] <number of instances> of this test to run in parallel.
Default: 10
[-A] <accelerator> use either GENWQE for the PCIe and CAPI for
CAPI based solution available only on System p Use SW to use software compress/decompression
[-C] <card> set the compression card to use (0, 1, ... ).
RED (or -1) drive work to all available cards.
[-t] <testdata.tar.gz> Define alternate for test-data.tar.gz. [-v] Print status and informational output.
-vv for more verbosity
[-V] Print program version (
March 2017 genwqe_test_gz