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getstyle - dumps the current Window Maker style related configuration or creates

getstyle(1) General Commands Manual getstyle(1)


getstyle - dumps the current Window Maker style related configuration or creates a theme pack.


getstyle [-t|--theme-options] [-p|--pack] [style file]


getstyle can either dump the current Window Maker style related configuration information to a file/stdout or create a self-contained theme pack. A theme pack is a directory that contains everything that is needed for a redistributable theme, including the style information and pixmaps used by it.
Note that style information stored in the global configuration of the system is not read.


print a help message with the list of options.
--pack or -p
creates a theme pack in the directory named by the theme name appended with the .themed suffix.
--theme-options or -t
dumps theme related information too, which includes the root background texture. This option is always enabled when the -p option is used.
print the version of Window Maker from which the program comes.


The following options are stored by default: TitleJustify, ClipTitleFont, WindowTitleFont, MenuTitleFont, MenuTextFont, IconTitleFont, LargeDisplayFont, HighlightColor, HighlightTextColor, ClipTitleColor, CClipTitleColor, FTitleColor, PTitleColor, UTitleColor, FTitleBack, PTitleBack, UTitleBack, ResizebarBack, MenuTitleColor, MenuTextColor, MenuDisabledColor, MenuTitleBack, MenuTextBack, IconBack, IconTitleColor, IconTitleBack, FrameBorderWidth, FrameBorderColor, FrameSelectedBorderColor, MenuStyle, WindowTitleExtendSpace, MenuTitleExtendSpace, and MenuTextExtendSpace.
If either -t or --theme-options is specified, in addition to the previous options, WorkspaceBack is also stored, along with any user-definable mouse cursor settings (NormalCursor, ArrowCursor, MoveCursor, ResizeCursor, TopLeftResizeCursor, TopRightResizeCursor, BottomLeftResizeCursor, BottomRightResizeCursor, VerticalResizeCursor, HorizontalResizeCursor, WaitCursor, QuestionCursor, TextCursor, SelectCursor) that are present.


specifies the initial path for the Defaults directory. "Defaults/" is appended to this variable to determine the actual location of the databases. If the variable is not set, it defaults to "~/GNUstep"


This is the actual file that gets written.


setstyle(1), wmaker(1)


This man page was written by Marcelo Magallon <>.
Window Maker was written by Alfredo K. Kojima <>.
April 2015 Debian Sid