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ghostlist.cgi - CGI program to view ghost clients

GHOSTLIST.CGI(1) General Commands Manual GHOSTLIST.CGI(1)


ghostlist.cgi - CGI program to view ghost clients




ghostlist.cgi is invoked as a CGI script via the CGI wrapper.
It generates a listing of the Xymon clients that have reported data to the Xymon server, but are not listed in the hosts.cfg(5) file. Data from these clients - called "ghosts" - are ignored, since Xymon does not know which webpage to present the data on.
The listing includes the hostname that the client reports with, the IP-address where the report came from, and how long ago the report arrived.
By far the most common reason for hosts showing up here is that the client uses a hostname without a DNS domain, but the hosts.cfg file uses the hostname with the DNS domain. Or vice versa. You can then use a CLIENT setting in the hosts.cfg file to match the two hostnames together.


Loads the environment defined in FILENAME before executing the CGI script.


hosts.cfg(5), xymonserver.cfg(5)
Version 4.3.28: 17 Jan 2017 Xymon