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ginga - Astronomical FITS Image Viewer

GINGA(1) User Commands GINGA(1)


ginga - Astronomical FITS Image Viewer


ginga [ options] cmd [args]


show program's version number and exit
-h, --help
show this help message and exit
Buffer length to NUM
-c CHANNELS, --channels=CHANNELS
Specify list of channels to create
Enter the pdb debugger on main()
Specify plugins that should be disabled
Use X display on HOST:N
Prefer FITS I/O module NAME
-g GEOM, --geometry=GEOM
X geometry for initial size and placement
Specify additional modules to load
Don't display the splash screen
Start NUM threads in thread pool
Use OpenCv acceleration
Use OpenCL acceleration
Specify additional plugins to load
Run the profiler on main()
Load files in separate channels
-t NAME, --toolkit=NAME
Prefer GUI toolkit (gtk|qt)
Prefer WCS module NAME
Write logging output to FILE
Set logging level to LEVEL
Use a null logger
Set maximum logging level to NUMBYTES
Set maximum number of backups to NUM
Remove log if present (don't append)
Copy logging also to stderr
August 2017 ginga 2.6.5