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git-stamp - Stamp the last commit message

GIT-STAMP(1) Git Extras GIT-STAMP(1)


git-stamp - Stamp the last commit message


git stamp [<options>] <id> [<messages>]


Lets you amend the last commit with a stamp message.
The command appends a message with its identifier to the last commit message.
By default all stamps are appended as a new paragraph to the commit message.
You can change this behavior by using the --replace flag.
With this flag, all the related stamps with the same identifier will be removed first before the new one gets appended.
WARNING! If a commit message without stamp have a line starting with the same identifier, it will be interpreted as a stamp


-r, --replace
Replace all previous stamps in the last commit message that have the same identifier The identifier is case insensitive for this replacement


Commit message is
| Fix timezone bug
Reference the issues numbers from your bug tracker
$ git stamp Issue FOO-123 $ git stamp Issue FOO-456 \#close
| Fix timezone bug | | Issue FOO-123 | | Issue FOO-456 #close
Link to its review page
$ git stamp Review
| Fix timezone bug | | Issue FOO-123 | | Issue FOO-456 #close | | Review
Replace previous issues with a new one
(Note that the identifier is case insensitive)
$ git stamp --replace issue BAR-123
| Fix timezone bug | | Review | | issue BAR-123


Written by Damien Tardy-Panis <>




October 2017