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gmk_sym - create rectangular symbols for gschem from a text file

gmk_sym(1) gmk_sym(1)


gmk_sym - create rectangular symbols for gschem from a text file


gmk_sym [ -d ] inputfile.txt > outputfile.sym
gmk_sym -h|-?


gmk_sym is a program to create rectangular symbols for gschem from a file composed of comma separated lines.


Turn on debug output
-h, -?
Display usage information


The input file format is:
lines starting with ';' are comment lines and are not processed;
The 1st valid line describes a device:
1st value: device name
2nd value: visible name
3rd value: visible name location on package
4th value: box's hoz size, in pins spacings
5th value: box's ver size, in pins spacings
6th value: uref prefix, like U or J
7th value: Footprint
8th value: Total number of pins on device (including hidden)
All other valid lines describes the symbol's pins:
1st value: pin name
2nd value: pin number
3rd value: pin shape, choice of: line, clock, dot&line
4th value: side of box to attach the pin,choice of: R, L, T, B
5th value: location of pin on side of box, in pin spacings
6th value: (optional) pin type attribute: in, out, io, oc, oe, pas, tp, tri, clk, pwr


Jerry O'Keefe <>


Copyright © 1999-2011 gEDA Contributors.  License GPLv2+: GNU GPL
version 2 or later.  Please see the `COPYING' file included with this
program for full details.
This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.
There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.
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