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asr - associative sparse matrix (rheolef-6.7)

asr(2rheolef) rheolef-6.7 asr(2rheolef)


asr - associative sparse matrix (rheolef-6.7)


Associative sparse matrix container, used during FEM assembling process.


Elements are stored row by row using the pair_set class bqsed on the STL map class. Implementation of asr uses disarray<pair_set>


template<class T, class M = rheo_default_memory_model, class A = std::allocator<T> >
class asr : public disarray<pair_set<T,A>, M, A> {
// typedefs:
typedef pair_set<T,A> row_type; typedef disarray<row_type,M,A> base; typedef typename base::size_type size_type; typedef M memory_type;
struct dis_reference { dis_reference (typename base::dis_reference row_dis_i, size_type dis_j) : _row_dis_i(row_dis_i), _dis_j(dis_j) {}
dis_reference& operator+= (const T& value) { _row_dis_i += std::pair<size_type,T>(_dis_j,value); return *this; } typename base::dis_reference _row_dis_i; size_type _dis_j; };
// allocators/deallocators:
asr (const A& alloc = A()) : base(distributor(), row_type(alloc), alloc), _col_ownership(), _nnz(0), _dis_nnz(0) {}
asr (const distributor& row_ownership, const distributor& col_ownership, const A& alloc = A()) : base(row_ownership, row_type(alloc), alloc), _col_ownership(col_ownership), _nnz(0), _dis_nnz(0) {}
asr (const csr_rep<T,M>&, const A& alloc = A()); asr (const csr<T,M>&, const A& alloc = A()); void build_from_csr (const csr_rep<T,M>&);
void resize (const distributor& row_ownership, const distributor& col_ownership) { base::resize (row_ownership); _col_ownership = col_ownership; _nnz = _dis_nnz = 0; }
// accessors:
const communicator& comm() const { return base::comm(); }
size_type nrow () const { return base::size(); } size_type ncol () const { return _col_ownership.size(); } size_type nnz () const { return _nnz; }
size_type dis_nrow () const { return base::dis_size(); } size_type dis_ncol () const { return _col_ownership.dis_size(); } size_type dis_nnz () const { return _dis_nnz; } const distributor& row_ownership() const { return base::ownership(); } const distributor& col_ownership() const { return _col_ownership; }
// modifiers:
T operator() (size_type i, size_type dis_j) const; T& semi_dis_entry (size_type i, size_type dis_j); dis_reference dis_entry (size_type dis_i, size_type dis_j);
// dis_entry_assembly_end is redefined in order to recompute _nnz and _dis_nnz void dis_entry_assembly_begin() { base::dis_entry_assembly_begin (pair_set_add_op<row_type>()); } void dis_entry_assembly_end() { base::dis_entry_assembly_end (pair_set_add_op<row_type>()); _recompute_nnz(); } void dis_entry_assembly() { dis_entry_assembly_begin(); dis_entry_assembly_end(); }
// io: odiststream& put (odiststream& ops) const; idiststream& get (idiststream& ips);
// internal: odiststream& put_mpi (odiststream& ops) const; odiststream& put_seq (odiststream& ops, size_type first_dis_i = 0) const; odiststream& put_seq_sparse_matlab (odiststream& ops, size_type first_dis_i = 0) const; odiststream& put_seq_matrix_market (odiststream& ops, size_type first_dis_i = 0) const; protected: void _recompute_nnz(); // data: distributor _col_ownership; size_type _nnz; size_type _dis_nnz; };
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